Sex Work Regulations in Germany

Research Project Korea

Giant Girls Sex Workers' Rights Day Event. Photo by Matthias Lehmann. All Rights Reserved.“I am not a hooker. I’m a sex worker!” (left)
“Don’t stigmatise us! Don’t oppress us!” (right)

Research Project Korea was an independent research project by Matthias Lehmann to examine the impact of South Korea’s Anti-Sex Trade Law on sex workers’ human rights. The project was unaffiliated to any university or organisation and funded exclusively by private funds and donations. 

Research Project Korea published a photo series by Yeoni Kim and a letter by Hyeri Lee to provide readers with first-hand insights into the lives and work of sex workers in South Korea. Research findings were presented at a symposium at Humboldt University of Berlin and at another symposium at the Urania Berlin. It is intended to integrate the findings into an academic publication in the near future.

The project concluded in March 2014, although additional articles will be added occasionally. For further details, please visit the Research Project Korea website.

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